How To Know How Many Are Searching For a Private Investigator In Your City For $25

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“How To Know How Many People Are
Searching For a Private Investigator In Your City For $25”

  • How many people are searching for a private investigator in my city?
  • What investigation keywords should I go after?
  • Keyword planner tool is only showing 20 searches a month. Should I really go after that keyword?


Ever asked these questions as a private investigator who is wanting to increase his business? We hear one of these questions every week. So we created a quick 4 minute video showing you how to know once and for all… how many people are searching your keywords.


How can this help you? For one, you’ll know which keywords to go after when it comes to SEO. You’ll know which keywords to build pages for on your website.
As you’ll see from the example in the video, Google suggests a bid of $24.47 for “Atlanta Private Investigator”.

Telling me that this would be a great keyword to rank for one day. Lot of competition and usually where there is competition, there is a reason. IT makes them money.




So as you see in the video the numbers on the keyword planner tool can be OFF.

Let me show you an example:

Here is what the planner tool says are the TOTAL searches in Athens for these keywords:




This website ONLY ranks on Google for these search terms. It isn’t in the maps.

Here is screenshot of how many unique visitors it receives each month:



Again – You want to know the true search volume in your city? Then spend $25 and KNOW for sure.



Here are the guidelines mentioned in the video:

“private investigator YOUR CITY”

“YOUR CITY private investigator”

[YOUR CITY private investigator]

[private investigator YOUR CITY]

“private investigation company YOUR CITY”

[private investigation company YOUR CITY]



Exact  [                     ]

– Make the campaign    SEARCH ONLY   (NO Display)

– Location – YOUR CITY ONLY

– Want position 5-6  (Your goal is not to get clicked but to see the impressions)

Start your bidding at like $2.00 a click but once you get a click it will show your position.

IF higher than 4-5, then reduce the bid…


If you’re starting a new Google Adwords account, email us and we’ll send you a coupon for $100 FREE traffic from Google.

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