P.I. Text Software Released

By November 12, 2015 P.I. Text No Comments

We are soooooooo excited about our new software we just released. It is truly a first of its kind. Go check it out for yourself and watch the light bulb turn on.

Why are we so excited? Because the #1 way your clients talk to their friends and family is through text. NO DOUBT!

Then why as a private investigator company aren’t we giving them this #1 way to communicate with us. Well until now, that would mean revealing your cell number on your website for the world to see. (And who wants to do that)

Even if you did, YOU would have to be the one responding to each and every text. But WHAT IF… you could offer this on your website and anyone in your company can answer the text right from their computer. Go check it out for yourself:




We’ve tested it for the last two weeks and it is working quite well. What we thought would happen, happened. People are much more comfortable texting a company and asking a question than calling them.

Give it a try and see for yourself. As you’ll see, all the risk is on us.