SEO For Private Investigators


private investigator seoLocation, location, location!

Just imagine if you could the first, second, or third store that every customer sees every single time they search for your service? That’s like being on every street corner in your city. THAT is what SEO For Private Investigators is all about!

No matter how much you spent on your private investigator website. No matter how many awesome gadgets it has on it, your potential customers still need to see it when they are looking for your service. As I’ve said many times… IF you want to hide a dead body, put it on the second page of Google because no one will find it. And the same with your investigation or process server company. No one but the rare geek is ever going to look on the second page of Google.

Now there are 3 main ways to get to the front page of Google.


First is to pay for it in the Adwords section at the top and right side. Here you will have to pay per click to your website.


Another section you can be in is in the Google + or Google Local section in the maps. To get here, you have to have an address in the city you want to be located in.

And thirdly, is to rank organically in the middle.

We help local private investigators with all three or these sections every day of the week. Private Investigator SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the organic part of this equation and several factors come into play to help the search engines find your website, determine its relevance, and offer it up to the people searching for a relevant service. Whether you’re looking to attract new customers, or needing help because you are trying Adwords and it is keeping your budget without making any money, give us a call.

– Remember: Location, Location, Location.

Private Investigator SEO is the business of targeting the words searchers use most often to describe the service they are looking for on the internet. The keywords that best describe your business are sprinkled throughout your website to enrich your content and offer useful information, while stealthily attracting the notice of the search engines.

The results are “ranking” in the search engines.

The stronger your SEO Secret Sauce, the higher the ranking.

Of course there’s many other factors that come into play such as link building, page rank, and mini-net creation, but you let us worry about that.

Let’s start putting you on those street corners today. It’s time for you to move to the TOP.