From: Trey Patrick

Monday 08:39am

Dear Private Investigator or Process Server,

You know what gets me excited? Watching the eyes of the local investigator who sees his website sitting at the top of the search engines for the first time ever… And then watching the phone calls coming in on a daily basis.
Hey, I’m Trey Patrick, founder of Private Investigator SEO™ and author of “How To Get Your Local Business Ranked On Page 1 of Google In 7 Days or Less!”



Before doing internet marketing full time, I was a police officer and the deputy coroner for over 11 years in Athens and the investigative skills I acquired has helped figure out how to help small businesses dominate online and stand out from the crowd.

I have a passion for helping private investigators leverage internet marketing strategies to increase sales, drive new streams of revenue & accomplish their goals. I’ve been involved online for over 10 years now and started marketing online back in 2005. Over the years I have worked with hundreds of small & medium sized businesses and developed methods to help my clients grow their business by more effectively marketing online via Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and other internet platforms.

From the beginning I was selling products online and making great money. No one knew I existed and to be honest, that was the way I wanted it.

Well, then that all changed…

I was sitting at the Outback Steakhouse bar one night, eating my favorite meal, the Alice Springs Chicken. The guy next to me strikes up a conversation. Sure, it started with golf but like all men, it always comes back to the question… “So, what do you do for a living?”

I explained I was an online marketer and gave a few details. He then opened up how his business was struggling because of the down economy. How he was having to let people go and hated it. How this year will be the worst year on the books.

And I started asking questions.

And then I shared some thoughts with him of how to market his business and dominate his industry online. For me, it was second nature because I’ve been doing this in several industries online for years. I’ve spent tens of thousands going to conferences and meeting all the “gurus” and learning their secrets. Ok, back to the story –

Fast forward one hour later: He’d scribbled some ideas down, on both sides of his napkin, and now had a step-by-step plan on how to get more customers to his front door. He was getting up to leave and everything was fine until he shook my hand and said.

“Thank you so much. You know its a shame you don’t help other businesses in this down economy. You know strategies and methods that could help us that we’ve never heard of. Many of us think the only thing we can do is put an ad in the yellow pages.”

Eight years later… you’re now looking at the results of that conversation.

Introducing a proven system guaranteed to get more investigation clients and slash your advertising cost… sometimes as much as half… with twice the exposure for your small business…

IF you think yellow pages could give you coverage locally… wait till you see what could happen if you were on the front page of the major search engines.

“For most local investigators… we deliver visible results in 2-3 weeks or less”

How do we get you on the front of the search engines and in front of your customers?

“Map Monopoly”
Our system combines proven strategies with the right formula of online methods which is delivering results… as fast as 48 hours.


So what’s your next step?

Email me or give me a call and let’s set up a time to talk for 10 minutes. Let’s see if we are a good fit. Some private investigators do not qualify for our services.


Because if we are already partnering with another investigator in your city and helping them dominate the front page, then we will kindly not work with you. We’re loyal to our clients and give 110% to their success. That’s why they stick with us.

This is one thing that makes us stand out from the rest. We take on only ONE private investigator or process server in ONE city to rank at the top of the major search engines. Sure we’ll help you with other services like your PPC management or mobile website… but not with our SEO services.

Another thing that separates us is that we don’t have cookie-cutting package. When we come along beside you, we want to find a solution specifically for you. Honestly, it bothers me when someone comes to help me with their “package”… Once we’ve figured all this out, then and only then do we come up with a blueprint for you to dominate your city…

So, let it be your local investigation company… and not your competitor’s…
Let’s face it, if you’re in business for yourself online, then your #1 goal is to produce sales… Yes, you want a good product and great customer service… but it starts with the sale…

Private Investigator Local Marketing
is Our Expertise

If we can do this below against their competition,
in the 2nd LARGEST city in the United States,
then imagine what we can do for your business.



If your website is not on page 1 of Google for your investigation business, then you are losing money to your competitors that rank ahead of you. You might be asking why do I need SEO Expert on a local level?

Because the internet, along with a smartphone in everyone’s hand, has replaced the phonebook in many homes, and people will turn to local searches (especially the maps) to find investigators in their area that can meet their needs.

Will they see your website or your competitors?

We can help you get found on Google so you dominate your competition. We’d like to provide you with a free consultation and website analysis, and then give you an honest assessment of the changes that we could make to improve your business.




I look forward to hearing from you.
Take care,