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Dominating Local Search

As A Private Investigator Trying To Capture New Clients From The Web
It Is Essential To Show Up On Top

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It’s All About Local Search

Google-PlusGoogle+ Local optimization is one of the most important places a private investigator should focus on. Google owns 67% of all search and when someone is searching for a local investigator Google+ Local pages are what show up on top.  You could have the #1 organic listing and that puts you in the 8th spot, below the Google+ Local listings.  Optimizing your website properly with the right keywords is the key to your success and acquiring new customers.

SEO-Main1Search Engine Optimization or SEO is when you “optimize” your site to get ranked higher in the major search engines. Everyone wants to show up on the first page of Google and choosing the right company will help you get there. On the flip-side, choosing the wrong company can severely hurt your rankings.

We tackle the complicated Private Investigator SEO world by simplifying it and optimizing your website for your Visitors and not for Google. Sounds counter intuitive right? Search Engines want to show people the most relevant information. They don’t want to show people a website that figured out “tricks” to get ranked higher. This is why Google is constantly changing their algorithm.

We get your site in tip-top-shape so your visitors stay longer, read more information and finally take action. This in turn will make you an “authoritative” figure in your field, bring in more business and ultimately get you ranked higher in the Search Engines.

Our services are all white hat, so that you stay on the front page of Google for the distance.


Give us 10 minutes and let us show you how to optimize your private investigation website to soar to the top in no time.